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The Mulala women's group and Monduli Juu Cultural Tourism Program

The Mulala women’s group, Tanzania, 3 days, a unique cultural insight into the traditional lives of tribal women


Duration: 3 Days and 2 Nights
Price: Please Contact us about the price of this Itinerary

Day 1: On arrival you will be welcomed by Agape women group. The women will give an explanation about their farming methods and show you the various economic activities they have started, like cheese making, bread making, flower seeds, chili growing and sewing. Afterward you will have delicious lunch prepared by Agape women group. Afternoon enjoy the scenic Marisha riverbanks, thick with tropical vegetation and home of colorful birds and primates.
The guide will show you the most common medical plants used by the villagers. You may continue on to the Ziwa la Mzungu (whiteman’s lake) where a big colony of fruits bats is living. Later in the afternoon drive back to your hotel in Arusha town. Stay overnight at the Outpost lodge.
Day 2: After breakfast depart to Monduli Juu, it is about 50km away of Arusha town, on arrival you will meet our Maasai Guide whom will guide you to our base camp. Afterward start walking Safari at the nearest Maasai Boma at along the great rift valley. Enjoy your day chating with Maasai worriors and their family. Later in the afternoon return to the camp for dinner and overnight stay. To day’s dinner will be BBQ lamb grilled in traditional maasai style served by french fries or fried bananas. Stay overnight.
Day 3: Wake up early so that you can see how Maasai women are milking their cows and feeding the calves, later proceed by walking to Naramatu – a small “factory” where Maasai women make maasai Jewels. Afterward continue trekking to a nearby forest. Here you will do medicinal trip where you will feel and smell different medicinal herbs and visit a traditional Maasai herbs doctor. Later drive back to the camp for hot lunch. Afterward drive back to Arusha town. Arrive before nightfall!.
Details: The Mulala village is atypical rural setting , lying 1600 – 1700 meters above sea level. You wind your way up the mountain through a maze, lush green vegetation dotted with small farms. The villagers are mostly subsistence farmers and grow coffee, Bananas, vegetables and fruits. They also keep livestock for milk and beef.
The women of Mulala have united themselves in the form of the Agape Women group. Through this group they try to support economic activities of the members and start new income generating projects, like the Mulala cultural tourism program, executed with advise from SNV – the Netherlands Development Organization, the Tanzania tourist board and the Tanzania Association of Cultural tourism Organizers. The profit of this successful program, started in 1997 and becoming more and more popular, is used to improve school buildings, the Kindergarten and the dispensary.
Location: Mulala cultural tourism located on the slopes of the second highest mountain “Mount Meru”about 20 km east of Arusha, it is about 20 minutes drive form your hotel.
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