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Birdwatching in Nothern Tanzania

13 days and 12 nights bird watching in Tanzania. Arusha, Tarangire, the Serengeti, as well as Lake Manyara and the Highlands of Ngorongoro


Duration: 13 Days and 12 Nights
Price: Please Contact us about the price of this Itinerary

Arrival to Arusha via Kilimanjaro Airport or Nairobi. Accommodation at Mountain Village situated in a coffee plantation at lake Duluti For those arriving before in the morning a walk around the forest surrounding Lake Duluti could be arranged in search of the birds in the area.
Day 2: SINYA
After breakfast departure to Sinya across a landscape with spectacular views of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro and plains populated by Maasai pastoralists with their herds of cattle, sheep and goats. Arrival at lunch time. Accommodation at High Peaks Expeditions mobile Camp. The next 2 days will be devoted to game drives in 4WD safari vehicles designed with roof hatches, and walking safaris escorted by “Morani”, maasai warriors in search of birds. The area it also hosts some of the biggest elephants in East Africa.
Interesting species :
Maasai Ostrich, Kori bustard, Crowned plover, Crested
francolin, Temminck’s courser, Heuglin’s Coutrser, White browed sparrow weaver, Fischer’s starling, Hildebrandt’s starling, Wattled starling, Rufous chatterer, Rosy patched shrike, Slate coloured boubou, White headed buffalo weaver, Black necked weaver, Spike heeled lark, Grey wren warbler, Banded Parisoma, Von der Decken’s hornbill, White bellied go away bird, Eastern pale chanting goshawk, African spoonbill, Glossy ibis, Blue-naped mouse bird…)
Day 3: SINYA
(see day 2)
Departure after breakfast to Arusha National Park. Accommodation at Hatari Lodge. After lunch a walk in the forest surrounding Mount Meru ( 4596 m ) escorted by an armed ranger will be organized. Next day in the morning visit to Momela lakes in search of water birds.
Interesting species :
Hartlaubs Turaco, Silvery cheeked hornbill, White starred robin, Montane white eye, Waller’s starling, White fronted bee-eater, Tropical boubou, Crowned eagle, Mountain buzzard Maccoa duck, Little grebe, Greater cormorant, Grey heron, Little Egret, White eared barbet, Narina’s trogon…
After a game drive to the Momela Lakes, departure to Arusha and then to Tarangire National Park where we will reach Tarangire river camp. In the afternoon a walking safari will be led by our guides. On the 6th day , morning game drive in the Park and walking safari in the afternoon. Accommodation at Tarangire river Camp.
Interesting species :
Ashy Starling, Violet tipped courser, Heuglin’s Courser, Orange bellied parrot, Yellow collared lovebird, Red & yellow barbet, Red billed quelea, Mottle throated spine tail, Abyssinian Scimitar bill, Beautiful sunbird, Greater honey guide, African Hawk eagle, Black shouldered kite, Black chested snake eagle, Brown snake eagle, Open bill stork, White faced tree duck, Goliath heron, Great white egret…
(see day 5)
After breakfast drive to Lake Manyara. Accommodation at Kirurumu Tented Camp. The next two days will be spent visiting the Ground water forest and the Lake of the park by car and a walking safari on the Rift Valley Escarpment, where the Tented Camp is situated. Lake Manyara National Park lies at the foot of the Great Rift Valley and is only 330 square kms with most of its surface under water. The park’s interest lies in its diversity of habitats: Ground water forest, acacia woodland and the alkaline lake, and is famous for the climbing tree habits of its lions. The park’s bird list covers 380 species.
Interesting species :
Dusky turtle dove, Palm nut vulture, Egyptian vulture, Spur winged plover, Madagascar pratincole, Chestnut banded plover, Purple crested Turacco, Taita fiscal, Southern black flycatcher, Silvery cheeked hornbill, Red bill hornbill, Grey hornbill, Ground hornbill, Crested guinea fowl, African fish eagle, Black winged stilt, African spoon bill, Egyptian goose. White pelican and Marabou stork.
(see day 7)
Departure after breakfast from Kirurumu Tented Camp to the Highlands of Ngorongoro. After lunch birdwalk in theAcacia Lahai Forest close to the lodge. Full day in the Crater on the next day. Accommodation at Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge.
Interesting species :
Mountain greenbul, Paradise flycatcher, Dusky flycatcher, White eye slaty flycatcher, Cinnamon chested bee eater, Augur buzzard (white and dark morph), Black saw wing, Grey capped warbler, Black kite, Red knobed coot, Avocet, Black crown night heron, Anteater chat, Baglafecht weaver, Hunters cisticola, Red rumped swallow, Montane nightjar, Schalows Turaco, Scaly Francolin, Golden winged sunbird, Mountain yellow eye.
(see day 9)
Departure to our Camp at Serengeti National Park. The Serengeti is unequalled for its beauty, and its vast “endless plains” are home to more than 2 million large mammals. This is where the famous Migration of Wildebeest , Zebra and other antelopes take place. Accommodation at HPE Medium camp. Two days devoted to visit the Park and its different habitats by 4WD car .
Interesting species :
Bare faced go away bird, Western plantain eater, Fischer’s lovebird, Brown parrot, Kori bustard, Secretary bird, Grey headed social weaver, Speckled fronted weaver, Verreaux eagle, Hildebrandt’s starling, Silverbird, Red throated tit, Pink throated long claw, Cliff chat, Sooty chat, Grey breasted spurfowl, Usambiro barbet, White backed vulture, white headed vulture, Ruppels vulture, Nubian vulture, Lilac breasted roller, Von der Decken’s Hornbill.
(see day 11)
Scheduled flight to Arusha. Lunch at Labella Luna Restaurant and end of the Safari.
Details: Led by the guides who are also Ornithologists; our safari will visit some of the most interesting areas in Northern Tanzania focusing into different habitats and ecosystems. This is a safari for keen naturalists, for people interested in something else than viewing wildlife from the comfort of their vehicle. Apart of the usual game drives in 4WD we will walk with our binoculars in the Acacia woodlands and plains of Sinya, the Mountain Forests of Arusha National Park and Ngorongoro, the Baobab country in Tarangire, the Rift Valley escarpment and ground water forest at Lake Manyara and the Serengeti Plains in search of the most interesting bird species.
Golden breasted starling
Striped Kingfisher
From November to end of May, also expect Eurasian and Intra Africa migrants like: Storks, falcons, harriers, cuckoos, rollers, warblers, swallows, swifts, sand/rock martins and waders.

  • Transport in 4WD Safari vehicle + driver guide
  • All activities: Game drives in the National Parks, bird watching walks
  • Exclusive services of camp crew whilst in camp.
  • All meals on safari including mineral water.
  • Six nights accommodation at HPE MEDIUM CAMP, including bed cots, showers and toilets. Mess tent.
  • National Park entry fees.
  • Private camping fees
  • One night accommodation at Mt. Village
  • One night accommodation at Momela Wildlife Lodge
  • Two nights accommodation at Kirurumu Tented Camp
  • Two nights accommodation at Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge
  • Scheduled flight Serengeti/Arusha

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