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Formerly a Game Reserve since 1951, Mkomazi was upgraded into a ‘National Park’ status in 2008. It is located 6km from Same town, covering an area of 3,245square km. The name ‘Mkomazi’is a combination of two words from the Pare ethnic language; “Mko and Mazi”.   “Mko” means a traditional tiny wooden spoon used by the Pare people for eating and “Mazi” means water. This implies that water in the Park is hardly enough to fill up the wooden spoon.


  • How to get there

  By Road: Mkomazi is located north eastern Tanzania 120km from Moshi, 155km from

Kilimanjaro International Airport, 200km from Arusha and 500km from Dar es

salaam via Same town.

  By Air: Several companies arrange charter flights to Mkomazi.

  • Best time to visit: June – January.
  • Tourism activities

Game drives – This activity is conducted from 0630 – 1830 HRS, no additional fee for this activity. Four wheel (4X4) drive vehicles are recommended.

Short walking safari: Dindira trail (4km) which takes about 3hrs

Hiking: Mbula Hill Trail (5km) which takes about 4hrs to ascend and descend. The best time to conduct the activity is early morning and late afternoon. Bookingthrough mkomazi@tanzaniaparks.go.tz is mandatory.

Additional fees apart from conservation fees:

Category Short walking/ hiking fees Ranger service fee/group
Adult Child (>12 yrs)
Non EAC Citizens/ Tz Expatriates US $ 20 US $ 10 US $ 20
EAC Citizens TZS 5,000 TZS 2,500 TZS 5,000

               (Refer walking safari guideline.)

  • Birding:

There are more than 450 bird species including those that are hardly seen elsewhere such as Friedmann’s Lark, the Violet Wood-hoopoe, Somalia Long Billed Crombec and Shelley’s Starling. Also,the park host Eurasian migrant birds such as European Roller. Best sites for birds watching are Zange, Dindira, Mbula, Babus, Norbanda, Ngurunga and Maore.

  • Camping:


  • Special campsites: There are two special campsites; Dindira and Mbula. Booking through mkomazi@tanzaniaparks.go.tzor booking@tanzaniaparks.go.tz is mandatory.
  • Public campsites: Zange and Maore campsites. Available facilities at Zange include bathroom, toilet, kitchen and dining.
Category Special campsite fee Public campsite fee
Adult Child Adult Child
Non EAC Citizens/ Tz Expatriates US $ 50 US $ 10 US $ 30 US $ 5
EAC Citizens (TZS) 10,000 5,000 5,000 2,500

Additional fees apart from conservation fees

  • Filming:

Filming fee: US $250 charged per person/day and covers conservation, camping and filming fees. This is applicable to all nationalities.

   Refer Filming guidelines

  • Picnicking: This is available at Vitewini and Dindira picnic sites. The latter provides a stunning view of the park. They are best places for taking packed meals while on game drive. No additional fee required.




  • Main Tourist attractions

–  Diversity of Fauna and Flora, the only protected area in Tanzania with large and visible population of Gerenuk.

ü            –  Magnificent view of landscapes including Kilimanjaro, Eastern Arc Mountains (Pare and Usambara), associated Hills and Acacia Commiphora Woodland.

–  Endangered species of animals particularly Black Rhino and Wild dogs

  • Accommodation
    • Inside the park: One Tented Camp, and several special and public campsites.
    • Outside the park: Several hotels, guest houses and camps in the nearby Same town.


  • Love nature please observe park rules and regulations and kindly note:
    • The gate is opened at 6:00am and closed at 6:30pm
    • Payment in the park is through Visa card, Master card, CRDB or Exim card
    • Do not exceed speed limit of 50K.P.H; the recommended speed for game viewing is 25K.P.H
    • Keep to the authorized roads and tracks
    • Do not light any fire or discard any burning object
    • Do not litter
    • Do not disturb wild animals; do not make noise, never blow your horn
    • Do not pick, cut or damage any plant or part of it or possess any wild animal or part of it
    • Do not feed wild animals
    • Fees are valid for 24hrs single entry
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