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Scuba Diving at Medjumbe

Scuba diving at Medjumbe, Mozambique. Situated in the magnificent Quirimbas Archipelago, scuba diving at Medjumbe is one of the best spots in the world.


Duration: 0 Days and 1 Nights
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Details: Situated in the magnificent Quirimbas Archipelago, scuba diving at Medjumbe is considered as some of the best in the world.
Reefs surrounding Medjumbe Island
The coral reefs surrounding Medjumbe Island are one of Mozambique’s best kept secrets. Bordered by the Northern Mozambique coastline and the Mozambique Channel, these waters hold an astounding diversity of marine species and are all within close proximity to the resort. Dolphins are often encountered around the Island and to and from the dive sites. Humpback Whales on their annual migration are frequently sighted between August and October.
Water temperature is 30°C in summer and 26°C during winter.
JOE’S RIDGE • Fringing Reef 9m -14m
The coral reef forms ridges interspersed with sandy patches. Here in the azure waters, you will find resident reef fish such as Sweetlips, Pufferfish, Angelfish and Triggerfish. Turtles will often make a stop on the way out to the deeper waters.
SHALLOW HAL’S • Fringing Reef 8m- 12m
The shallow waters clearly show the true colours of the corals and the reef fish that inhabit the area. Ornate structures and formations in the coral rocks are frequented by juvenile fish species seeking sanctuary from the open sea. Anemones filter the waters and their resident “Nemo’s” never stray far from home.
SITA’S SHALLOW • Coral Bank 10m – 18m
Three small coral banks lie in close proximity to each other. Rising from a sandy base, this site is predominantly made up of varied hard corals. Schooling fish species gather across the reef.
DUSKY PINNACLE • Coral Bank 8m-15m
A small coral mound with gradual sloping edges is easily circumnavigated in a single dive. The hard coral forms archways and chimneys which give this site its name. In the small sandy areas amongst the reef you may come across Fantailed Stingrays, camouflaged Crocodilefish, Scorpionfish and Lionfish.
NEPTUNE’S NURSERY • Coral Bank 8m-15m
This hard coral reef offers shelter for a wide variety of fish species and a hunting ground for game fish. The site is relatively even with hard coral producing intricate formations to explore. Schools of Fusiliers, small Snappers and juvenile Sweetlips, Moray Eels and Blue Spotted Stingrays. Unusual Ribbon Eels and flamboyant Nudibranchs in every design and color!
QUARMBY REEF • Coral Bank 16m
Intermediate An extensive coral plateau. Soft coral varieties predominate the area in a wide array of color and texture. Vibrant Angelfish, Butterflyfish and Anthias. Larger species of Kingfish, Barracuda and Jobfish pass by overhead searching for food or a quick stop at one of the “Cleaning Stations”. Nudibranchs and Mantis Shrimp.
SAMBI SAMBI • Sloping Wall 10-40m+ Intermediate
The top of this reef is exposed on low tides while the eastern side slants down dramatically to over 80m. Lettuce leaf and other hard corals cover the slope. Napoleon Wrasse and Chinese Grouper. Graceful and shy Leopard Sharks, Green and Hawksbill turtles.
ROCHA ROCKS • Sloping Wall 12-30m
Intermediate On the southern end of Sambi Sambi, the sloping wall becomes uneven creating gullies and large coral mounds. Numerous species of Grouper, Napoleon Wrasse, Snappers and Unicornfish. Smaller fish species make a colorful addition to the top of the reef and common Octopus are often an entertaining encounter.
THE EDGE OF REASON • Vertical Wall 15-25m+ Advanced
Along the edge of the southern wall that forms the “Medjumbe Passage” divers can experience the feeling of flight as the wall gives way to the deep blue waters beyond. The top ledge lies between 15m and 24m and runs east to west.
CLIFFS OF INSANITY • Vertical Wall 24-40m+ Advanced
Overhangs and ledges rich in sea life present the diver with a stunning array of colorful coral species while Caverns and Crevices encrusted with hard and soft corals are dazzling and dive torches are recommended. Gigantic Sea Fans, Moray Eels, Lionfish and Angelfishes. Large Game Fish such as Barracuda and Dog Tooth Tuna.
MEDJUMBE PASSAGE • Vertical Wall 18-40m+ Advanced
North of Medjumbe Island lies a deep (800m+) and wide (7km) channel called the “Medjumbe Passage”. This channel is flanked on the south side by a vertical wall which plunges from 16m into the abyss below. This wall also features numerous overhangs and ledges for the diver to explore. Grouper and schools of Sweetlips. Giant Gorgonians filter the rich waters from the side of the wall and out into the blue larger species such as Napoleon Wrasse, Turtles and Sharks. This is definitely “World Class” and rivals any wall dive on the continent,
THE FAR SIDE • Sloping Wall 9-23m
All Levels Across the Medjumbe Passage a large fringing reef. The top is exposed at low tide. Unspoiled hard coral species The wall slopes from 9m down to 23m. Outcrops and Overhangs. Hawksbill and Green Turtles. Leaf Fish and other elusive species can also be found by those with a keen eye. The Far Side has a lot to offer!
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