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Diving at Zanzibar Island

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Duration: 10 Days and 9 Nights
Price: Please Contact us about the price of this Itinerary

Day 1: Zanzibar Island
Catch a short flight from Dar es Salaam to the Island of Zanzibar, where you will be meet and transferred to your hotel.
In Zanzibar life seems to carry on in the same way as it has probably done for centuries. Fisherman cast hand lines from ancient wooden dhow’s, local children play among the palm trees and craftsmen practice ancient boat building techniques right on the beach.
Your lodge is located at the northern tip of Zanzibar Island along the top of a palm tree covered coral outcrop immediately above the sandy beach. As is true of most of Zanzibar, the beach here is a coral lagoon, which not only changes with the tides, but also with the seasons. Year round Mnarani beach resort enjoys one of the finest white-sand beaches in the Indian Ocean.
The chalets are private and comfortable. They have an en suite bathroom and veranda. Some are located along the sea front with views to the ocean and others are within the lush calm of the tropical garden.
Meals are served in the restaurant and on the sea terrace. At dusk, a night watchman walks along the beach to buy fresh fish from the returning fishermen. Fish and seafood, often prepared in the traditional Swahili way dominate cuisine. Beach barbecues are a favorite and are done as often as possible, especially if there is a particularly good catch that day.
The bar is to one side of the lodge, amongst the palms and jutting out over the beach. Guests like to sit here in the evenings and learn how to play ‘bao’, a traditional Zanzibar board game. Some evening’s cold drinks are loaded onto a boat and we head out together for a sunset cruise. If some late evening action is needed a selection of bars are only a 20 minute stole along the beach.
Scuba Diving
Some of Zanzibar’s best diving can be enjoyed at the northern tip of the island. Whether you’re a total beginner, or a seasoned professional, there are dive adventures for you.
Our operators are a PADI dive center and are an active member of the PADI International Resort Association, so you can be assured that the instruction and dive leadership on offer are second to none. Full equipment and tank-filling facilities are available in-house, as are a wide range of PADI dive courses. A swimming pool provides an ideal environment for confined water training sessions for beginners.
If you haven’t dived before, try one of the popular Discover Scuba Diving courses. This will allow you to learn the basics of scuba and have a trial dive with an experienced instructor under safe conditions. Once this hooks you, enroll in the PADI Open Water course and enjoy the benefits of the world’s fastest growing sport – anywhere in the world. Advanced and Specialty courses are also available.
The variety of sea-life on the nearby coral reefs is immense, with regular sittings of dolphins, manta rays, turtles and reef sharks. Whale shark are spotted frequently.
Dive boats are equipped with first-aid kits, life jackets and medical oxygen on board. A diving instructor and at least one holder of the PADI Medic First Aid certificate accompany all dive trips. VHF radios are used to provide reliable communications with home base.
Day 2: Zanzibar Island
(see Day 1)
Day 3: Zanzibar Island
(see Day 1)
Day 4: Zanzibar Island
(see Day 1)
Day 5: Zanzibar Island
(see Day 1)
Day 6: Pemba, Northern Mozambique
Transfer back to Zanzibar airport and catch a short flight to Dar es Salaam International airport. From here you will board your connecting flight to Pemba in Northern Mozambique. You will be meet and transferred to your beach resort.
There are 27 islands that make up the Quirimbas Archipelago. They lie between Pemba in Northern Mozambique and the Rio Rovuma – the river that forms the border with Tanzania and Mozambique. This area remains one of the last undeveloped jewels in Africa.
Virtually unknown to the outside world, the people who inhabit the islands have quietly gone about their daily business. Local fishermen build Arab style dhows hand-hewn from trees. They navigate hundreds of kilometers of winding channels and mangrove lagoons casting their nets and lines much as they have done for the last 1000 years.
It is the ‘undiscovered’ nature of these islands that make it so special for the sport of scuba diving. This is a place in the world where there are no cars, no roads, few hotels and therefore few tourists. For the diver looking for a very special location, this is it!
With upto 30-meter visibility and water temperatures around a balmy 28 degrees C you can expect to see all coral reef species typical of the Indian Ocean region as well as game fish – yellow fin tuna, dogtooth tuna and marlin. There are also manta rays, eight species of shark (to date), whale sharks, huge schools of feeding barracuda, king fish of many species, red snappers, green and hawksbill turtles, pods of humpback dolphins not to mention the humpbacked whales in season. When you are done with diving for the day perhaps you’ll even be fortunate enough to see a green turtle coming to lay her eggs on one of the many brilliant white palm fringed beaches
Matemo Island
Situated in the magnificent Quirimbas Archipelago on the coast of Northern Mozambique, Matemo Island Resort is one of two new additions to the archipelago.
Matemo Island Resort is an unspoiled, unexplored island paradise, with beautiful white beaches and thousands of palm trees swaying in the breeze. Matemo is 8 kilometers in length and 3 kilometers wide – a magical destination with private beaches and countless coves to be discovered and blissful surroundings to be experienced.
There are 24 Chalets, situated 10 meters from the beach, all are ensuite with indoor and outdoor showers, a custom-made bath. A large front veranda with loungers and hammock, as well as all the amenities one expects from a luxury resort conforming to internationally accepted standards can be found.
Matemo Island Resort offers a host of activities and attractions to delight all guests. With the azure, tropical waters of the Indian Ocean as your playground, scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing are a water-lover’s dream and hiking trails are a pleasure in the natural, exotic environment that Matemo Island offers.
Enjoy a sunset cruise, or embark on a Dhow cruise to the surrounding islands; Rolas and Ibo.
Ibo Island
One very special island in the Querimbas Archipelago, is Ibo, or as the locals call it ‘IIha do Ibo’. Part of the new Querimbas National Park and nominated for World Heritage status in November 2002, it is undoubtedly the ‘Crowning Jewel’ in this developing string of islands.
During the last 500 years Ibo has been one of the major trade islands along the coast of East Africa and was a prosperous and important slave trading post, and the provincial capital of Cabo Delgado. Grand colonial administration buildings lined its streets, and three majestic forts stood guard over the sea. This little coral and palm-fringed island was a place of slaves, pirates, ivory and intrigue. Its long history is everywhere to be seen. The ruins of these once grand colonial buildings and a beautiful old catholic church still line its streets and the three forts still stand guard over the sea, their rusted cannons and crumbling ramparts all that remain of their once great power.
Today when you visit this little island your mind will run wild at the thought of ancient ocean-going dhows crossing the seas between Africa and Asia fully laden with their ‘precious’ cargo of slaves, ivory and gold.
When the capital was moved to the mainland of Pemba (the then Porto Amelia) Ibo fell into decline yet today still retains its boundless secrets, history and culture. We think Ibo has to be one of the most fascinating, mysterious and idyllic islands you could ever dream of visiting.
Water sports
Other water sports include diving, waterskiing, tubing, wake snake, wake boarding, a hobie cat, sea kayaks and spear fishing at the fishing grounds outside of the National Park. Volleyball, beach badminton and various board games are available at both the Activity Center and main bar.
Medjumbe Island
Medjumbe Island Resort is an intimate island resort catering for discerning island leisure seekers as well as dedicated scuba diving and angling enthusiasts.
One of the many islands making up the Quirimbas Archipelago – Medjumbe is a small, mystical island, only one kilometer in length and 500 meters in width, featuring a number of small bays and coves, complete with white beaches surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.
Medjumbe Island Resort is the ideal island getaway for those who wish to experience exclusivity and privacy on a remote island.

  • Accommodation: 12 luxury chalets – Situated on higher ground 10 – 12 meters from the beach, all chalets are complete with all the amenities one expects from a luxury resort conforming to internationally accepted standards.
  • Restaurant
  • Lounge / Bar
  • Activities Center
  • Swimming pool
  • All chalets have a bath, shower and external shower, mini-bar, air conditioning, tea/coffee-making facilities, hair dryer & electronic safe

Medjumbe is located in a marine reserve where the diving wall is less than 1 kilometer off-shore and extends up to 7 km. Game fish; including marlin, sailfish, dogtooth tuna, mackerel, various species of kingfish and bonefish, abound. Take pleasure in romantic island walks and bird watching – the Black Heron is one of the many rare birds you will find on the island. Or just stroll along Medjumbe’s pure white shores and marvel at the azure waters and the stunning sunsets.
Day 7: (see Day 6)
Day 8: (see Day 6)
Day 9: (see Day 6)
Day 10: After breakfast you will be transferred back to Pemba airport to catch you flight home.
End of service.
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