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Ecotourism in Tanzania – Cultural Safari

Cultural safari. Ecotourism in Tanzania, nature tour. The money goes to the local people. Mininal footprint.


As nature lovers and concerned ecologists, we do pay attention to the world we are leaving in, therefore, we do pay attention to Tanzania.
The International Society of Ecotourism has defined ecotourism as a responsible trip within natural environments where people’s resources and welfare are preserved.Ecotourism leads you to natural areas to learn, study or participate in activities with local people without bringing any negative effects on the environment.
Walking safari, cycling tours, visits of villages, cooking courses… Our different offers give you the opportunity to discover Tanzania in a different way, turning our trip into a tribute to Tanzanian nature and people.
Ecotourism implies that a part of your money will go directly to local people. A precious financial support to help them to complete successfully different projects such as building a school or a dispensary, leading a HIV campaign or a conference about the protection of environment.
You will discover Tanzania leaving behind you only foot prints, hopes and shared smiles.
So why ecotourism activities ?

  • less pollution
  • high proximity with nature
  • no obstacle to prevent you from enjoying landscapes
  • easy contact with local people
  • experience local life and traditions
  • exchange of customs
  • physical exercise

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