DAY 01:

The first day’s climb is to Machame camp (3,000 m.)  To the park entrance, to which transport from the hotel is arranged, the climber enters the rainforest.  It is a 5/6-hour walk to the first hut, through verdant scenery.  The forest is filled with bird life, and Colobus and other monkeys may be seen.

DAY 02:

The second day’s trek to Shira camp (3,800 m) is about 7 miles and takes

4 to 5 hours.

DAY 03:

This is an acclimatization day.  You walk from the camp up to Lava Tower at 4600m.  And then descend down to Barranco Camp at 3900m and stay overnight.  It will take you between 5/6 hours.

DAY 04:

On the fourth day, the climb continues to Barafu Camp (4,600 m).  This is at the foot of Kibo Peak.  Again, the climb takes about six hours.

DAY 05:

On the fifth day, the mountaineer rises at about 1 a.m. to attempt the summit.  The rim of the crater at Stella Point, recognised as the top, is reached after a stiff climb up a very steep, loose slope.  On average, this takes six hours, then continue for 1.5 hours along the crater rim to attain the summit at Uhuru Peak (19,340 ft/5,895 m).  Climbers return to Mweka Camp (3,000 m) on the same day.

DAY 06:

Descend to Mweka Park gate where transport will be waiting to bring you back to Moshi/Arusha.

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